Hello! I wanted to make aware that my previous post about student projects still pertains, I have still not received every students project yet. I know it is getting close to summer but I’d hate to see students not finish the year out strong solely because they are losing that motivation. Students who did not turn in their projects yet were given a zero in the gradebook at this time because I wanted to make a point of how heavy projects weigh on one’s grade. I thought I had made a note on each child’s interims about their grade being so low because they have not turned in their project yet but if that was not seen this is a good reason why your child’s grade may be lower than usual in my class. As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child at all please do not hesitate to email me!


Hello! As we make it to the last stretch of the year I want to assure that all students are finishing the year with an excellent grasp of their knowledge in math and a great grade to go with it! That being said students were given a project March 20, they had all day in class to work on it then and they also had the last day before spring break to work on it. This project was due before spring break, unfortunately there are a handful of students who have not submitted it yet. They have all known about this project for quite some time and were given more than enough time to complete it. Please ask your child if they have completed it or not or feel free to contact me if you are concerned about your child’s completion of work. There will be a negation of points due to it being submitted so late. As always, if you have any questions or concerns at all please email me, thank you!


Hello, with interims going out last week I wanted to make a point to state that the grade sent home for my class is not a true representation of the ‘half-way’ point for your child in this class. Snow days have delayed us slightly on our pacing plan in seventh grade math. We still want to ensure your children are learning everything appropriately so we are utilizing our time so students are understanding. If you would like a true representation of the half-way point within this quarter I encourage you all to check grades this weekend, February 16-19. Students have now learned two large units; proportions, and sales tax, tip and discounts, they will be having a test on both of these topics and similar figures (similar triangles and quadrilaterals) in two weeks. Students have done extremely well overall on their quizzes thus far in the semester so I am excited to see test results and results for the entire quarter. Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions at all, enjoy your Presidents Day weekend!

Second Semester

We survived the first semester! With the second semester starting I encourage all parents that were concerned with their son or daughters grade in my class to contact me. We can discuss on the phone or set up a meeting to discuss in person. Last semester I offered tutoring every Thursday to students who were interested. This semester that will continue, however, my collaborative teacher, Jonathon Tangard, will be teaching the tutoring sessions. If you are interested in having your son or daughter attend they must have a permission slip signed by a parent or guardian turned into me. I did not receive many back so I am thinking a lot of students did not show these to their parents or guardians. I would be glad to print another one for any student that is in need, have your child ask me and I will be sure to send him or her home with it that day. Let’s make it a great semester!

Project Coming

Hello, I wanted to make everyone aware that your child will be assigned a project within the next couple weeks that will be worth a test grade. Students will be given time in class to complete, however, if they do not finish it is expected they take it home to work on it. This project will be worth a test grade so it will weigh heavily on the student’s overall grade for this quarter. If you have any questions feel free to email me! 🙂


Hello, and welcome to classroom A203! I am excited to begin the fun and exciting journey of seventh grade math with your children! It will be a rigorous but fun year. If you’d like to learn more about me you can click on the “All About Ms. U” link you will see to your left. There is also a “What to expect” link and a “Videos” link, within the “What to expect” is a brief timeline of the plans myself and the other seventh grade math teachers have devised for this year. Underneath the “Videos” link I plan to upload vides of fun things your children are engaged in within my classroom. I have high hopes that all students will be learning not only the math content but also organizational and self-assessment skills, and how to be a respectful and kind individual while enrolled in my class. Here’s to a great year!