Hello, with interims going out last week I wanted to make a point to state that the grade sent home for my class is not a true representation of the ‘half-way’ point for your child in this class. Snow days have delayed us slightly on our pacing plan in seventh grade math. We still want to ensure your children are learning everything appropriately so we are utilizing our time so students are understanding. If you would like a true representation of the half-way point within this quarter I encourage you all to check grades this weekend, February 16-19. Students have now learned two large units; proportions, and sales tax, tip and discounts, they will be having a test on both of these topics and similar figures (similar triangles and quadrilaterals) in two weeks. Students have done extremely well overall on their quizzes thus far in the semester so I am excited to see test results and results for the entire quarter. Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions at all, enjoy your Presidents Day weekend!