Hello! I wanted to make aware that my previous post about student projects still pertains, I have still not received every students project yet. I know it is getting close to summer but I’d hate to see students not finish the year out strong solely because they are losing that motivation. Students who did not turn in their projects yet were given a zero in the gradebook at this time because I wanted to make a point of how heavy projects weigh on one’s grade. I thought I had made a note on each child’s interims about their grade being so low because they have not turned in their project yet but if that was not seen this is a good reason why your child’s grade may be lower than usual in my class. As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child at all please do not hesitate to email me!


Hello! As we make it to the last stretch of the year I want to assure that all students are finishing the year with an excellent grasp of their knowledge in math and a great grade to go with it! That being said students were given a project March 20, they had all day in class to work on it then and they also had the last day before spring break to work on it. This project was due before spring break, unfortunately there are a handful of students who have not submitted it yet. They have all known about this project for quite some time and were given more than enough time to complete it. Please ask your child if they have completed it or not or feel free to contact me if you are concerned about your child’s completion of work. There will be a negation of points due to it being submitted so late. As always, if you have any questions or concerns at all please email me, thank you!