What to expect

First nine weeks: 

Rules & procedures

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, & Division of integers
Scientific Notation
Negative exponents for powers of ten
Square roots (0-400)
Going from fraction to decimal to percent
Second nine weeks:
Commutative, Associative, Distributive, Identity, & Inverse properties
Property of zero
Determine what value variables are representing
Write verbal expressions for equations
Represent relationships with tables, graphs, rules, and words (explaining math rules in all ways)
Determine slope
Solve for variables and graph solutions
Third nine weeks:
Write variable expressions when solely given solutions (determine pattern and write equation to represent)
Solve problems using practical reasoning (given a problem must decide best way to solve)
Determine whether figures such as quadrilaterals or triangles are similar
Compare and contrast quadrilaterals based on properties
Probability: experimental & theoretical
Probability of compound events
Fourth nine weeks:
Volume & surface area of rectangular prisms and cylinders
Transformations on the coordinate plane (reflection, translation, dilation, and rotations)
Phew we survived!!!!!